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This module was designed and engineered to be the best and fastest acting unit for Gen1 and Gen2 6R80 transmissions, as well as 10R80 transmissions as well.  It utilizes ultra fast acting relays, typically going from engaged mode to released mode in 1 millisecond ( .001).  This module also incorporates the Lund Racing DeeSpeed mod, which helps prevent unwanted throttle hang on the Gen2 Coyote platform, as well as having a lock out feature preventing the unit from activating unless the brake pedal is depressed.  Additionally, it also features 2 additional outputs, one ground and one +12v signal for activation of optional systems, including but not limited to launch mode for a boost controller, and 2 step activation.  

This unit is designed as a semi plug and play design, allowing it to be installed without cutting any of your transmission harness wires.