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The factory fuel rails in our modern Fords have pulse dampening built in to smooth out the fuel pressure signal that the ECU sees.  Why is this important to you?  Because the control logic used in modern Ford ECUs has pressure compensation built in that adjusts fuel flow on the fly.  If there are significant variations in pressure readings, proper fueling can be adversely affected.  Below you will find pictures comparing fuel pressure fluctuations with the sensor in the rail vs in the regulator

This harness allows for remote mounting the fuel pressure sensor away from the fuel rail, typically in the fuel pressure regulator of a return style fuel system.  

There are currently two harnesses available.  One for 2018-2023 Mustang GT, and one for the 2020-2022 GT500.  They sensors for the two models have different keying for the connectors so make sure you order the correct one.  Pictures showing the keying are provided here, so check against your connector before ordering.  To check the key of your connector, unplug the fuel pressure sensor and face the end towards you, with the locking mechanism facing upwards.  Along the top of the body, you will see a groove or slot, which is the key.  Key A will have the slot all the way to the left above terminal 4, key B will have the slot moved one position to the right, over terminal 3.  See pictures for examples.  

Additionally, depending on the fuel rails used, there may be additional parts needed to relocate the fuel pressure regulator.  If using Fore Innovations fuel rails, the adapter for the pressure sensor is typically able to be relocated, but with Whipple kits where the fuel pressure regulator port is machined into the rails, the port will need to be blocked and a new adapter installed into the regulator.  Those parts can be found by clicking this link.

Harnesses are approximately 30 inches in length, but custom length can be made for a small additional fee.  

Fuel pressure sensor mounted in fuel rail. (Bottom green line)

In regulator (Bottom green line)